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Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage

Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage involves bringing the fluid stuck in between cells and in the tissue to the lymph nodes, in order to be pumped out of the body. Traditional lymphatic drainage techniques combined with contouring and myofascial release helps the appearance of cellulite, bloating puffiness and water retention. Working on the lymphatic system also helps to rid the body of toxins and waste more efficiently which will leave you feeling more energized.

60 minutes (Without abdomen) / $165
90 minutes (With abdomen) / $210

Sculpt and Lift

Effortlessly contour thighs and bum without harming the skin and tissue. A combination of hands-on touch and wood therapy will help diminish cellulite while leaving the area tight and toned.

45 minutes / $135

Sculpt and Tone

Improve the appearance of the abdomen, waist, and hips with a combination of hands on touch and wood therapy. The result leaves abs and waist looking more sculpted and contoured.

45 minutes / $135